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Harold G. Davis Claudine cover art- intervention, SIGNED $ 150.00; Ray Johnson cover art for On Your Toes, 1956, $400; Salvador Dali cover art- Jackie Gleason Lonesome Echo, 1955, $75; Francesco Clemente cover art- Mick Jagger Primitive Cool, 1987, $50; XCT cover art- GO 2, 1984,$50; Bridget Riley cover art- Current, courtesy MoMA for Leonard Bernstein Conducts Music, 1965, $100; Josef Albers cover art for 6 LPs, $600- Enoch Light And The Light Brigade ‎– Persuasive Percussion Volume 3, 1960/Enoch Light And The Light Brigade ‎– Provocative Percussion Volume 2, 1960/Terry Snyder And The All Stars ‎– Persuasive Percussion, 1959/The Command All-Stars ‎– Provocative Percussion, 1959/Enoch Light And The Light Brigade ‎– Provocative Percussion Vol. 3, 1961/ Leonid Hambro & Jascha Zayde ‎– Mozart Piano Sonata In F For Four, 1961; Andy Warhol cover art- Debbie Harry French Kissin and Rockbird, 1986 $100 each; Raymond Pettibon cover art- Black Flag, My War,1984,$150/ Torches and  Standards, 1990, $200/Black Flag, In My Head, 1985, $75/Body/Head, No Waves, 2015, $50; Yoko Ono, The Plastic Ono Band- Sometime in NYC, $75.

Along with the above, our current catalogue features additional artist records and covers as well as avant- grade and experimental LPs including Steve Reich's, Drumming edition (with the sheet music) and Music for 18 Musicians, Michael Snow's 1972 Musics for Piano, Whistling, Microphone and Tape Recorderand artist records, Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record), Giorno Poetry Systems – Dial-A- Poem Poets Life Is A Killer and Steven Parrino's 10 inch LP from 2002 Electrophilia/Shock Wave Troop, Robert Barry’s Otherwise among many others.   



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