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Olivier Mosset
Olivier Mosset, 1996
Edition of 50
, 1985
AP 9/10

James Riddle
ESP (and Instructions for ESP Event), 1966
May Wilson
Magic, early 1960s
Donald Lipski
Untitled, 1990

Arrocaria Editions Dorothy Iannone, 1975 $125 Annette Messager, 1975 $75  

Sol Lewitt, Tim Ayers, Lawrence Weiner & Marien Schoutenz Beer, Bieren Coasters $300 Kay Rosen Lista/List, 1992 $400 and AIDS, 1998 $150 Jenny Holzer Messages,198 $600 Nam June Paik TV Face, 1986, 1 out of an edition of 40 unique drawings $6,800 A Poem by Buckminster Fuller The New York Times,1971 $800 Franz Erhard Walther
Find a purpose for the pocket, 1969, $1,800

Robert Filliou  
A Most Curious Invention of the Gaga Yogi, 1976

Keith Haring 
Pop Shop Green Three Eyed Smiling Sticker
, ca 1986
Untitled sticker, 1983
Nam June Paik, Chaelotte Mooeman 
Paik's "Robot Opera" in his old loft, 359 Canal Street, NYC and Paik's Robot Opera, NYC, 1967/1975, Photography by Peter Moore.
$1,000 ea
Licht Calendar Editions, 1971
Charles Hinman Dance Mel Ramos Leo David Miln River Ring John Wesley What's Going On In The Hall? Paul Van Hoeydonck Oscar the Robot
$600 each

Jonathan Monk  
Exhibition posters postcards publications from the files·
John Gibson Gallery

Editions Prints Ephemera  
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Movimento de Arte Pornô 
Eduardo Kac  
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